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We strive to carry a well-balanced beer selection that can satisfy everyone from craft enthusiasts to domestic die-hards. We serve the big guys, national and regional crafts in addition to a few local favorites. We take diversity a step further by offering all styles, from Hop Heads to Wheat & Fruits.  If you see something you’d like to try ask for a sample, if you don’t see something you’d like to try we’d love to hear your suggestions.
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This English-style pale ale is brewed in Baltimore, MD, just for us! Golden amber in color, it features a unique blend of English & American hops to give Shell Raiser it's signature aroma and flavor. Crystal malt gives this beer a slight sweetness at the finish. At 4.75% ABV, it's easily sessionable and the drinkability is high. Featuring medium carbonation levels, Shell Raiser is hearty enough to satisfy discerning beer drinkers, yet finishes smoothly. With it's malt forward presence and slightly hoppy finish, Shell Raiser pairs nicely with wraps, burgers, signature sandwiches and gourmet tacos, among others.